Van Van Gorder
Digital Imaging Photos

321 Island Dr. #1
Madison Wi 53705
608 238 6155
About Van:

My medium of cyber drawing becomes an art of Multivalued trace elements, associations with Traditional drawing and print media and the root shared Between sculpture and scratch as “skrr” according to Assyrian roots. The different chemistry of the virtual realm Brings about a visual rhetoric , meaning discursive elements in which the drawing forms I use which are Asian carpentry cognates abstractly scrolled symbolize both drawing, and language as this process develops a topology from out of an Orphic or Dyonysian morphogenic immanence or sense of the whole as always greater than the sum of the parts. Accordingly, the movement of drawing is simultaneously that of mind and matter, at the meta realm of the virtual hyper drawing. As I draw and write I emphasise that movement is true flux, not a set of indices or points of view. Therefore a mark of view as it were ever encounters a transformative plane of reference.