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Double Labyrinth

Dry Humera Chimera Umbrella Aura Aurora Collapsible Abstraction

These Drawing forms are emblematic to an allegory of transparency between glass museum and bus stop (also glass) sharing video monitor view mounted to project cultural events. This topos becomes a collapsible abstraction as it were for continuing the momentum within my imagination to state my own drawing status of drawings and drawing videos in virtual space as project unfolds. (“Terministic” pertains to view of world through language, in this case the morpheme like prosody and rhythm of drawing as it arrives to the virtual realm in particular).

:Dry Humera Umbrella Chimera Aura Aurora Collapsible Abstraction As stated- this is a cyber drawing project linking the projected object status of an art object imagined through the topos of museum and bus stop sharing video mount projecting museum acitivty. The transferences do exist here as projected to a toposthesia complete to the Virtual realm of creating experience. The drawing as a sigla of the transparency of moment of reflection, through which the virtual realm contributes an alloissis of material associations is directed also, here, to a kind of dialogue between the similar transparencies of Michelangelo’s Capitoline Hill ( a fresco like projection of a ground pattern supporting a monument and buildings) and Bernini’s Balducino or open, (transparent)sculptural canopy within St Peters. The Drawing grid I use also is a personal golden section “modular” as it were, which looks like the St Peters plan by coincidence, and in the project is warped into all manner of rosacea by which to verbally associate Rhea or flux with ousis or being to complement the compound “Renaissance” and indeed-“ Rosacia….”

The project supports a fugue like mortise and tenon routing and routes of drawing forms through the multitudinous thematic transferences and problematics of this intertextual domain: to build on the generosity of the media construct. The simulacrae of form and content are not simultaneous, but mediated, and delayed, the proverbial “delay in glass” by which to note the transparency of the moment which is emblematic to what drawing finds and follows in space sculpturally even as constituting the building of its own experience.

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